Coatings & Adhesives

Below is a list of UV coatings accepted and used by various manufacturers.All UV coatings require less energy and are greener than solvent or water based systems. LED systems require less energy to operate and are longer lasting than UV lamps. Also IR drying coatings require a tremendous amount more energy and produce a considerable amount more carbon dioxide than either UV lamps or LED coatings.Below is a list of coatings we have available for immediate sale. Please select the coating which best meets your customer requirements. As an example: what finish are you or your customers looking to achieve? Is it high gloss, scratch resistant, matte, satin or pressure sensitive? Also what method are you going to use to apply it? We have most coatings inks and adhesives in various viscosities designed for easy application on most application equipment. Our chemists are available to test your substrate and review you application for any areas. Also product data sheets are available if requested.

Ultra Violet Curable Coatings

Product Description Product Number
Low viscosity Roller Coater proven for paper FDX 1145
Amazing Photograph Finish and Pop!!! FDX 1146
Photograph and Model Photo Satin Finish FDX 1147
Amazing Low Viscosity Matte Finish FDX 1148
Environmental cosmetic and food grade FDX 1149
Abrasion Resistant Coating Used on Window Film FDX 1050
Water Based Over Print Coatings
Product Description
Product Number
Lay flat product proven by RR Donnelly FDX-1159
Synthetic Flexible Substrate FDX-1158
Coating for 40lb CIS and 51lb Wet Label Stock FDX-1157

UV Pressure sensitive adhesives

With the development of thermoplastic tackified rubbers and acrylic emulsions the tape and label industry began its amazing cycle of growth.
Even the first Bell Labs computers were assembled using Fergesen transfer tapes because they were easy to apply and had excellent
electrical properties. Also special industrial tapes such as duct sealing tapes, automotive industry hot melt cross linking tapes and laminating
adhesives were developed using Fergesen technology.Now we are offering a new technology using liquid, no heat to melt, materials which
polymerize with ultraviolet light and can be cured easily with ultraviolet light energy. This technique is considered a green technology verses
others methods and takes up less space, dryers etc not needed, and is less expensive to operate because it uses less energy than IR or hot air
dryers.To choose a pressure sensitive adhesive the end use is the key factor and the following must be considered:

  • Is the end use a tape or label?
  • Is the bond permanent or removable?
  • What peel strength and adhesion is required?
  • What tack is required?
  • If a release liner is used is it tight or easy release?
  • What heat resistance and holding power is required?
  • How is the adhesive applied and curedSome examples of products used commercially?

FDX 1064-P is a permanent UV psa with a viscosity of 4500 cps and cure speed, using one 300 w/inch UV lamp, 85 to 115 fpm
FDX 1063-R is a removable UV psa with a viscosity of 2300 cps and cure speed, using one 300 w/inch UV lamp, 60 fpm.

Many other formulas are available, along with application and curing equipment if necessary, and can be made specific to the customer’s needs.

UV dome coatings

The recent development of UV acrylic and methacrylates along with specialty diluents and photo-initiators enable printers and electronic
manufacturers to produce a functional or decorative coating using a thick button or one inch dome type protective and print enhancing
coating. The button or dome actually magnifies the print and makes it stand out on the substrate. It is now being used successfully in various advertising markets. Fergesen can supply all or just parts of the coating process. Recent developments under study will enable the Fergesen roller coater to be modified to apply these coatings.Call for sample preparation or quotation.Some examples of commercially available coatings:FDX 1065DR this is a rigid finish dome coating for paper and film and is 5000 cps
FDX 1066DF this is a flexible finish dome coating for paper and film and is 5000 cps

UV blister pack coatings

This a coating applied to printed paper used for making blister type heat sealable packages such a snack packages and raised plastic protective plastics for store display. The Fergesen products enable small manufacturers to make their own blisters. The product is applied using the Fergesen roller coater or flexographic process and cured using UV lamps which eliminates the cost and space of IR/hot air dryers used for water based or solvent based blister coatings. The unique UV cure high gloss blister coating can then be heat sealed to standard plastic blisters using conventional blister manufacturing equipment and conditions.Some commercially available Blister Pack coating:FDX 1067B, this product cures at 50 fpm using one 300 w/inch lamp and heat seals in 2 seconds at 60 psi

Electron beam plastic to plastic laminating adhesive

Many large volume converters use a the electron beam process to polymerize photo-initiator free coatings and adhesives by using the energy produced by use of electron beam. This equipment is available from several manufacturers and is too expensive for narrow web or screen printing equipment. However for some laminating and coating operations such as wide web release paper/film manufacturing it is extremely effective and cost justifiable.Some Fergesen Products used commercially for the application are as follows:FDX 1045 EB laminating adhesive for paper and film 300 cps
FDX 1068ERE Gloss release coating easy release for paper and film 500 cps
FDX 1069TRE Gloss release coating tight release for paper and film 500 cps